From the recording Kudzu Bloom


She was told to take her time
So she waited in line
Was a bit too kind, yeah
She tried to watch her words
Didn't want to hurt
Or be mistaken
She wasn't gonna get heard
And she thought it wasn't hurt
And so she didn't take it
Too deep
But she didn't know to be
(Oh, no)
She thought she was falling in love
So she missed out on dubs
And took a L strong, well

He blurred the lines
It's hard to tell
She don't know where she's stepping
He made her happy in a hell
Too deep into the lies she fell
Love taker, promise breaker
He made her happy in a hell

So Her Ancestors ran faster than they ever did before
She tried to block them out
Steady knocking on the door
Showing her signs
Daily divining
Clearing her sight
Leading her right
Coaxing her eye to see
True reality
(To see, to see reality)
But she stayed there still crying
Hoping he's not lying
He planted all these vines
And now her roses are dying
But still she's inviting
Him to share the sun
Caught between the bud and the bloom
Tryna leave her self for her new life
Admiring the blossom at it takes her life
She always knew deep down inside
Something was off
It was not quite right
Didn't have clear sight
No she didn't keep in mind

Kudzu bloom, kudzu bloom
Coming through, just to test you
Better hold on to where you're rooted
Or it'll rip the You from you
He don't get
He's driving her up the wall
Bawling her eyes out
He said he would call
So many years of the rise and the fall
Taking her down
While she taking the fault
She pours her heart out
And he watches it
Fall he the ground
He won't take a sip
But hell make her cry when he sees its dry
Just to pretend that hell catch the drip

It falls again
Oh sweet sin
Give it to your ground
Instead of him
Water your self
Let thorns sharpen
Now she's even calling for The
Spirit to help her
She's feeling helpless
Don't know where to turn
And she just cannot help it
First it was him, now she's letting it happen
When did she turn from a queen to a servant?
They finna break in the windows
She used dance with the wind but
Now she take turns with the devil
Asked for her light
She shared it
He hid it
As for her love
He'll drown down her in it
Its cool if he gets away w pretending
Or so he thought
Cause she know better, idn't it?

She lost the lines its hard to tell
She cant see where she's stepping
Kept herself happy in a hell
Too deep into the lies she fell
She's crying out for higher help
Down on the floor, you hear her yell it
Please save me
Can't do this by myself"

So her ancestors
Ran faster than they ever did before
They heard her soul cry
They felt her light dying
They gathered round
She fell down
Taking time

The Universe held Her in Her arms
And tears began to fill her eye
She cried

"Wake up...
Wake, up"

Yes Love
You missed out on so much
Your worries are over, you'll survive, come alive

You're alive