heal & rebuild south eastern kentucky: flood relief

LunaverSol has teamed up with Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music / Hazard Community Technical College to make a change and is inviting you to take action with her!

Many families and regions of South Eastern Kentucky have been severely affected by a sudden downpour, causing lethal flash flooding. With this song and flood relief fundraiser, LunaverSol hopes to uplift the masses to bring as much awareness and assistance to the affected areas as possible. She has collaborated with a professor at the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music, to record the song promoting awareness of the happenings. Donations will go to the families of the affected areas to rebuild their lives and South Eastern Kentucky as a whole, together. 

If you would like to donate physical items such as; clothes, water, sanitary supplies, cleaning supplies, bathroom essentials or anything further, click the following link to see how you can contribute to the flood relief programs at HCTC. They will be delivered by hand, directly to the flood victims. https://hazard.kctcs.edu/hctc-flood-relief.aspx

Thank you all so much! Together we will bring brighter days back to the Bluegrass!