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LunaverSol, hailing from a little forests in Williamsburg, KY, ventured into the music scene in 2017 in Atlanta, eventually making Louisville, KY, their current home. Luna’s music career officially launched in 2020, releasing her first project, “Ganesha.” 

Infused with Appalachian roots, LunaverSol's musical journey has evolved into a fusion of Neo soul, lofi, R&B, and pop~ 

LunaverSol is heavily influenced by observing and listening to the earth, loved ones, and artists like, Lauren Hill, Willow Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Croche, Billie Holiday, Niniola, & Rema~ 

She has enjoyed many collaborations with great producers & musicians like Deraj Global, Roman Lane, Dekar Justus, Lil Busta, and Obinans and many more. 

LunaverSol achieved a sentimental  personal milestone, by performing at the Capitol event during the creation of Kentuckys newly implimented holiday: Hip-Hop Day! Currently, the spotlight for LunaverSols career  is on preparing for future performances, promoting a recently released collaboration and the roll out for upcoming releases, including an eagerly anticipated single.

whats on the rise!

Recorded in Nashiville with V8 and mixed by Rob AKA “Saint” Calloway, a sound for spring~ LunaverSol's oncoming single “OTL” is a vibrant anthem celebrating love without restraint. With infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics, this vibe encourages embracing open displays of affection and reveling in the joy of being in love. "OTL" is the soundtrack to unapologetically sharing your love and happiness with the world. <3 




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LunaverSol was also on hand to entertain guests with her guitar and calming music.” - Mara Miller

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