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WOZO accessibility fest success

as Creator continues~

I’ll give you the story because I want you to smile with me~ got some good news for you🤞 & only by the hand of Creator do things like this happen❤️🌌🙏

Back in April I got a blessing to headline Knoxvilles accessibility fest presented by WOZO Radio & hosted at the magnificent Frog Juice Kombucha.         

The goal was to work together & raise enough money to purchase a wheelchair ramp for one of the lovely members of WOZO to have optional means of getting into the station❤️
At the event unfortunately we weren’t able to raise the amount needed for the ramp, however the event was AWESOME <3 I made the coolest button ever and, the other artists that played are out of this world groovy, as well was the Kombucha ✨~ 

Few days later a friend and I were discussing the happenings and all of a sudden they said “wait a minute, I have a ramp at an old rent house, you can have it if you want” 
The connection was made and then so was the donation. I just want to shine a bright light on Knoxville's WOZO radio for taking such a beautiful initiative and taking the time to drive all the way to Lexington, KY from Knoxville, TN to retrieve the ramp, disassemble & then re-assemble it at the station🙏, & another light on Chris Hawkins who donated the ramp to the station. 

Im really thankful for how all of this worked out truly , for many reasons, mostly it just makes me smile man.. life is good and is  made for things like this to happen, to feel this feeling ~ Im pretty sure its love 
 That’s all I wanted to share w you guys this morning ~ I hope you have a most beautiful day and receive a beautiful blessing yourself 🌌💞🤞